Eidos 118 S


  • High efficiency high-power subs with two 15" woofers (Eidos 215 S) and one 18" woofer (Eidos 118 S)
  • Exceptional size-to-power ratio (134 and 135 dB SPL peak at 1 metre)
  • Deep, very clean low frequencies
  • Long-excursion woofers fitted with demodulating rings in order to handle (peak) power values that exceed the loudspeakers' (electrical) power capacity
  • Cabinet internally braced to ensure maximum solidity and prevent coloration due to resonance
  • Extremely compact cabinets (can be easily tucked away below the stage)
  • Flying points (M8 thread)
  • Very low weight


High-quality permanent installations in theatres, clubs, indoor sports arenas; an ideal combination for all Outline 'point source' systems (especially the EIDOS full-range series).

Multi-purpose subwoofers, suitable for high quality mobile applications.


EIDOS 215 S and EIDOS 118 S are suited to high SPL reinforcement of low frequencies. They're respectively a bassreflex and a band-pass system, equipped with twin 38 cm (15") and one single 46 cm (18") loudspeakers. In order to handle (peak) power values that exceed the loudspeakers' (electrical) power capacity, EIDOS 215 S and 118 S subwoofers use longexcursion woofers fitted with demodulating rings.

Their useable band is therefore set towards the bottom end of the audio spectrum, as should be the case with subwoofers, and is sufficiently wide to reproduce all types of music. Performance is very high considering the components used, thanks to the careful choice of the reflex alignment and the enclosures' architecture.

The cabinets are built in sturdy phenolic glued 15mm Baltic birch plywood that is resistant to damp, even in outdoor applications. Inside, as well as the bracing, which stiffens the panels and avoids vibration, the long tuning ports also double as additional reinforcement.

The attractive look (they can be easily tucked away below the stage) fits perfectly into any type of surroundings or décor and the external finish is in high quality scratch-resistant black paint. A recessed handle in each side panel facilitate handling. The front of the cabinet is protected by an anti-resonant steel grille covered with sound-transparent foam. There is no lack of M8 flying points, enabling EIDOS subwoofers to be easily fitted with flying hardware.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 30 Hz - 280 Hz
(±3 dB) 38 Hz - 160 Hz
DISPERSION Quasi-Omnidirectional
IMPEDANCE (Ω) Nom (min): 8 Ω (5.7 Ω @ 36 Hz)
SENSITIVITY (dBSPL 1m, 1W, free-field) 97 dB SPL
  1200W 4800W
MAX SPL @ 1m, free-field (calculated) RMS Peak
  128 dB SPL 134 dB SPL
TRANSDUCERS & LOADING LF 1 x 18" high-pass loaded woofers
LF pin 1+ (pos); pin 1- (neg)
WEIGHT Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
  44.5 kg 49 kg
DIMENSIONS Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
H x W x D 39.6 x 84 x 77 cm 41 x 85 x 78 cm