Eidos 12


  • Original and refined design
  • High-end reproduction, exceptional size-to-power ratio
  • Remarkable directivity control
  • High SPL (126, 127, 128 dB peak at 1 metre)
  • Two-way format (8 Ohms) with built-in passive crossover for easy control at a reasonable cost, using just one amplifier channel (Outline's DPA Series with built-in DSP is suggested)
  • Rotatable waveguide (90° x 60°)
  • Passive crossover manufactured with top grade components
  • Can be used as a stage monitor (horizontal)
  • Cabinet internally braced to ensure maximum solidity and prevent coloration due to resonance
  • Flying points (M8 thread)
  • Very low weight
  • Impeccable finish


Multi-use enclosures, particularly suitable for permanent high quality installations in clubs, lounge bars, pubs, music-cafés, theatres, conference rooms, stores, shopping centres, malls etc.; ideal for use along with EIDOS 215S and 118S subwoofers for further extension of the bottom end and therefore greater dynamics.

Multi-function full-range enclosures, suitable for high quality mobile applications.


Conceived and manufactured to provide clients an initial approach to the world of Outline products, the EIDOS series is the result of the desire to offer an even wider public the quality and distinctive lines that have made the Brescia brand a reference point in the sound reinforcement world at international level.

The ideal field of application of the units is in the wide variety of so-called permanent installations (clubs, lounge bars, pubs, music-cafés, theatres, conference rooms, stores, shopping centres and malls,…).

EIDOS 10, EIDOS 12 and EIDOS 15 are two-way full-range units equipped respectively with a 10", 12" and 15" loudspeakers and fitted with passive crossovers manufactured with top grade components (coils with very low resistance and metallized polypropylene capacitors). With these tuned enclosures, the low frequency loading is of the phase inversion type.

The (44mm diaphragm) compression driver and waveguide are the same on all three. The latter (90° x 60°) offers a great advantage for installation in small rooms or those with low headroom, as it can be rotated through 90° to ensure the required dispersion no matter what position the cabinet is installed in (horizontal or vertical). The mouth's ample dimensions ensure remarkable directivity control. The lines of the cabinets enable them to be also used as stage monitors.

The quality of the transducers gives excellent sonic performance when compared with the price bracket, in terms of overall timbre quality and as far as the ability to handle high power is concerned. The cutting edge technology adopted by Outline in the molding sector has enabled the company to manufacture horns that are rigid and lighter, with obvious benefits in terms of distortion and lower weight.

Fully respecting the high quality standards to which Outline users are accustomed, the cabinets of the EIDOS series are built in 15mm (phenolic-glued) birch plywood and include bracing to dampen internal resonance. The outer finish is in scratch-resistant, waterproof black paint and the front of the cabinet is protected by an anti-resonant steel grille covered with soundtransparent foam. There is no lack of M8 thread flying points, enabling the enclosures to be easily fitted with flying hardware.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 55 Hz - 20 kHz
(±3 dB) 90 Hz - 20 kHz
DISPERSION 500 Hz - 10 kHz: 98° x 87° (H x V)
> 5 kHz: 72° x 64° (H x V)
500 Hz - 4 kHz: 106° x 98° (H x V)
IMPEDANCE (Ω) Nom (min): 8 Ω (7 Ω @ 165 Hz)
SENSITIVITY (dBSPL 1m, 1W, free-field) 96 dB SPL
  300W 1200W
MAX SPL @ 1m, free-field (calculated) RMS Peak
  121 dB SPL 127 dB SPL
  1 x 12" high-pass loaded woofer 1 x 1" throat, horn loaded, compression
LF/HF pin 1+ (pos); pin 1- (neg)
WEIGHT Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
  17.2 kg 20 kg
DIMENSIONS Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
H x W x D 67 x 39.6 x 34.1 cm 71 x 50 x 44 cm