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BUTTERFLY C.D.H. 483 High-Pack

The C.D.H. 483 Hi-Pack is the Butterfly system's element for mid-low, mid and high frequency reproduction. Weighing just 34 kg. the cabinet has an unmistakable shape which brings to mind the butterfly from which it takes its name, thanks to the triangular opening in the upper and lower "sides". This original design solution favours the optimum coupling of array elements up to the highest frequencies, keeping the distance between the sources as short as possible and at the same time providing them with a continuous loading 'baffle'.

The high frequency section of the Butterfly system is equipped with a 3" (1.41" throat) compression driver coupled with a D.P.R.W.G. (Double Parabolic Reflective Wave Guide) device geometrically based entirely on precise mathematic calculations to take a circular planar (flat) wavefront emitted by the source at its input (e.g. that of a compression driver) and transforming it into a rectangular planar wavefront at its output, keeping signal paths identical from every emission point of the source. The rectangular planar wavefront thus obtained can be loaded by an appropriate horn or waveguide to ensure the necessary coverage.

Four high-efficiency 8" mid woofers: two band-pass loaded (110 ÷ 400Hz) and two reflex high-pass (110 ÷1250Hz) loaded by the sides of a waveguide with a 90° dispersion angle are connected in parallel without any type of passive crossover, so can both be powered using one amplifier.


Butterfly Hi-Pack is equipped with built-in flying hardware enabling to adjust the angle between the elements with minimum increments of as little as 0.25 degrees. Its hardware has been certified according to the strictest international norms and allows for flying an array of up to 32 C.D.H. 483 Hi-Packs.


OPENARRAY is the avant-garde control and 3D simulation software, written by Outline's R&D team. It's a three dimensional software program that can predict the results expected from either a live performance or an installation of a wide range of Outline products, including all the Line Arrays and subwoofers models as well Outline's most popular point source systems. The result is a 'tool' able to guide PA system engineers through correct set-up procedure from an acoustic and mechanical point of view while fully respecting safety norms.

OPENARRAY greatly facilitates installation, setting and aiming of Line Array elements: the risk of poor results is thus drastically reduced. The technology behind OPENARRAY is based on a GL platform and features incredibly fast rendering time from input of data to final design. OPENARRAY also has the ability to import DXF files, thus giving engineers a head start to final deployment of the intended system. This, and many other features, makes OPENARRAY one of the most exclusive product on the international scenario.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 80 Hz ÷ 18 kHz
(±3 dB) 110 Hz ÷ 18 kHz
Vertical Depending on array height and curvature
IMPEDANCE (Ω) Low/Mid 4 Ω (min. 3.5)
High 8 Ω (min. 8.3)
High-pass filtered Low/Mid 800 3200
High 120 480
MAX SPL @ 1 m (calculated)
(Single Unit - full space)
Cont. Peak
Low/Mid 128.5 138.5
High 131 141
Low/Mid 140.6 150.6
High 143 153
CONNECTORS 2 x NL4 Speakon in parallel
Low/Mid Pin 1+ pos ; Pin 1- neg
High Pin 2+ pos ; Pin 2- neg
Low 2 x 8" NdFeB bandpass loaded woofers
Mid 2 x 8" NdFeB partially horn-loaded mid woofers
High 1 x 3" Diaphragm NdFeB, D.P.R.W.G. loaded compression driver
WEIGHT Single unit Shipping (2 units)
KG 34 75
DIMENSIONS Single unit Shipping (2 units)
H x W x D 24 x 75.2 x 60 cm 59 x 81 x 73 cm


MAIN-FRAME la cerere
V 556  
V 568  
EXTENSION-FRAME (back or front extension frame) la cerere
V 552/553  
V 557  
F-CASE 483-2P: Flight-case housing 2 x C.D.H. 483 Hi-Pack units la cerere
F-CASE 483-3P: Flight-case housing 3 x C.D.H. 483 Hi-Pack units la cerere
F-CASE 1815-2P: Flight-case housing 2 x C.D.L. 1815 Low-Pack units la cerere
V 530: A/B Rear SPLay connecting bar starting from 0° - step 0.5° la cerere
V 554: A/B Rear SPLay connecting bar starting from 0.25° - step 0.5° la cerere
V 531: Side connecting bar (between the elements) la cerere
V 556: Side frame connecting bar la cerere
V 568: Rear frame connecting bar la cerere
V 552/553: Special side cennecting bar with self-locking nuts and with two position screw pin anchor shackle for a steel pull-back rope la cerere
V 557: Extension frame connecting bar with screw pin anchor shackle for steel pull-back rope la cerere
AV 616: Adjustable support foot to slope B.fl y frame in stacked array mode la cerere
F-CASE 5 C x 8,5: Wheeled Flight-case with 5 drawers for the storage of the spares la cerere
MC MPU-OUT la cerere
BUTTERFLY 2 Rack U Main supply unit, 5 poles 32 A main socket, 3 by LK8 loudspeakers sockets for T SERIES power amplifiers complete wiring
LK MRU-OUT la cerere
BUTTERFLY 2 Rack U master INPUT box, 2 by LK 25 sockets, 8 + 6+6 XLR connectors, 12 Input XLR snake for T SERIES power amplifiers complete signal wiring
LK25FV/MV-2 la cerere
BUTTERFLY 2 mt. multicore cable with LK25FV/MV connectors to link two ampracks
SP2 LKI8-15 la cerere
BUTTERFLY 15 mt. loudspeaker power cable (8x4) with LKI 08R MVPD/2 speakon connectors. For Hi-pack and Lo-pack
SP2 LKI8-25 la cerere
BUTTERFLY 25 mt. loudspeaker power cable (8x4) with LKI 08R MVPD/2 speakon connectors For Hi-pack and Lo-pack
SP4 LKI8-11 la cerere
BUTTERFLY 10 mt. loudspeaker power cable (8x4) with LKI 08R MVPD/ 4 speakon connectors. For Subtech's wiring
SPK LKI 8-0,5 la cerere
BUTTERFLY 0,5 mt. loudspeaker power cable adapter with LKI 08 MVD/08R FVD connectors to match SP2 & SP4 cable to SPK LKI 8 - 20 extension cables
SPK LKI 8-20 la cerere
BUTTERFLY 20 mt. loudspeaker power extension cable (8x4) with LKI 08R MVPD/FVPD connectors to be matched to SPK LKI 8-0,5
cable ONLY
SPK 4X2.5-0.7 la cerere
0,7 mt. NL4/ NL4 loudspeaker power cable (4 by 2.5mm) to link two Hi-pack or two Lo-pack loudspeakers