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Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. is a self powered bi-amped loudspeaker cabinet that can be used as stand alone or part of a vertical line array. The cabinet utilises 2 D.P.R.W.G. wave guides developed by OUTLINE for the 'Butterfly' line array against all its contemporaries. This ultra compact loudspeaker system which weights in at only 23 kg has 2 x 1.75" compression drivers and 4 x 5" mid woofers. Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. is the only compact VLA with variable, asymmetrical horizontal directivity. Steps of 15 degrees can be set between 60 to 150 degrees manually, thus allowing the operator to direct energy where it is required. There are sixteen possible combinations of horizontal coverage (including asymmetric ones) which can be exploited according to the audience and acoustic properties of the environment in which the sound has to be reinforced. For example, in acoustically difficult venues, it is very useful to avoid reflections from walls. Because the sound only goes directly where it's needed. Moving the "wings" of the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. in sixteen possible ways means changing the acoustic radiation conditions each time. No problem - at this point an ingenious but simple sensorbased recognition apparatus comes into play, "informing" the DSP of the position of the "wings", and on-axis response is automatically corrected in real time.


  • Self-powered system equipped with Outline's i-Mode Technology
  • "Plug and play" use
  • Outstanding sound quality (192 kHz, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion)
  • Analog and Digital (AES/EBU) I/O
  • Internal two-port Ethernet switch to reduce the need for external networking hardware
  • D.P.R.W.G. Wave Guides
  • Adjustable directivity from 60° to 150°, by 16 different combinations of horizontal dispersion.
  • Unequalled versatility; the system is adaptable to suit any possible situation, according to the audience to be covered.
  • PC-controllable via Outline "AUDIOCONTROL" software.
  • Very high SPL (4 modules): 141 dB @ 1 m (peak)


Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. is equipped with Outline i-Mode Technology - the next step in self-powered loudspeaker development, processing and control. It's a truly 'Intelligent' Platform for advanced loudspeaker control. In addition to utilizing a powerful switching amplifier, the system provides complete and accurate loudspeaker control and reporting of all system parameters within each component, and across the entire system as a whole. Through the use of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and a built-in web server, users can control the sound system via any standard web browser (no special software required), just as one would navigate a website. Additionally, a number of control parameters can be conveniently accessed via the loudspeaker's rear panel and display. With standard IP-based communication, the i-Mode platform is truly future-proof, controllable via netbook, smartphone, and any devices 'of tomorrow'. i-Mode operates on a Linux operating system with an Outline-customized kernel. Chosen for its extreme stability and compatibility, the operating system provides a robust foundation for i-Mode's advanced functions. Audio conversion is done at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution.


Front of House sound reinforcement system for Installation in Theatres, Houses of Worship, Live venues, Touring as part of 'Butterfly' line array to handle in-fill and out-fill duties.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 100 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
INPUT SENSITIVITY 3.2 dBu (1.12 Vrms)
Vertical Depending on array height and curvature
Horizontal 500 ÷ 10 kHz Horn position 75° x 75° - 133°
Horizontal 500 ÷ 10 kHz Horn position 60° x 60° - 113°
Horizontal 500 ÷ 10 kHz Horn position 45° x 45° - 88°
Horizontal 500 ÷ 10 kHz Horn position 30° x 30° - 58°
Type Class D (Digital)
Input Impedance 10 kΩ balanced to ground
Rated Power (<0.5% THD) 2 x 500 W EIAJ on 4Ω
Cooling Two fans controlled via temperature sensor
MAX SPL @ 1 m (measured) Cont. Peak
  120 131
Audio 1 XLR + 1 Link Out
Ethernet 1 EtherCon (RJ 45 Socket)
Mains 1 PowerCon + 1 Link Out
Low / Mid 4 x 5" NdFeB vented loaded woofers
High 2 x 1.75" diaphragm NdFeB, D.P.R.W.G. compression driver
WEIGHT Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
  23 kg 25.5 kg
DIMENSIONS Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
H x W x D 35 x 55 x 41.6 cm 43.5 x 64.5 x 49 cm


FCMCOMP-4P la cerere
Wheeled flight-case housing # 4 mini-COM.P.A.S.S. cabinets.
FRM-MCMPSS-L la cerere
Ultra light. High strength Aluminum Alloy proprietary hardware to rig one array by up to 12 MiniCOM.P.A.S.S cabinets
A FOOT-01 la cerere
Pair of adjustable foots for ground stacking