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  • Active (self-powered) system made up of a satellite and a subwoofer with the former contained inside the latter to reduce space occupied during transport.
  • Design patented in the most important countries in the world including U.S.A.
  • "Design Excellence" award received at London's PLASA expo in 2001.
  • Built-in PWM digital amplifi er (500 + 500Watts/4 ohms) DSP controlled for high performance
  • The proprietary software E.Q.U.I.P., by TCP/IP protocol, allows controls of DSP parameters such as levels, filters, eq's, delay and offers up to 4 presets, 3 of which are adjustable by the user.
  • VU and preset display on the back side allowing the musicians to control the status of the system on stage.
  • 131dB sound pressure level at 1 meter, from 35Hz to 18kHz.
  • Just 0.13 m3 of space occupied: two complete systems can be easily transported in an average station wagon.
  • Extremely linear frequency response and phase response within just ± 45° from 500Hz to 16kHz.
  • "Stack Align" system on the satellite, to increase the throw of the two enclosures when stacked and align their emission centres.
  • Cabinet internally reinforced for utmost sturdiness, free from harmful coloration due to resonance.


  • Short throw wide dispersion system ideal for no-nonsense live applications as front-fill and down-fill units, for groups, bands and orchestras.
  • Multi-function system, particularly suitable for high quality mobile installations.


Kanguro 1215 SP is a compact wide range 3-way biamplified loudspeaker system with dedicated built-in dual channel PWM amplifi ers, (500+500W/4ohm and controlled by a DSP card) comprising a subwoofer (KV 15 2A) which uses a 15" long excursion woofer with a 3" voice coil, and a "satellite" (KV 1201-2P) which uses a NdFeB 12" woofer, 2.5" voice coil and a compression driver with 1.75" duralumin diaphragm and 1" throat for high frequencies, loaded with a controlled directivity wide dispersion horn built in sturdy fi breglass.

The system's uniform directivity from 500Hz to 4kHz has an average dispersion of 105° horizontal and 98° vertical and average wide-range sound coverage from 500 Hz to 10 KHz is 105° horizontal and 80° vertical. The acoustic reproduced bandwidth is 37Hz÷17kHz at -10dB, with a great linearity of within +/-3dB from 47Hz to 16kHz, for the reproduction of many types of applications. Driven at maximum peak power, each section is able to produce a maximum peak of 131dBSPL (sub), 129dBSPL (satellite) at 1m. The double channel PWM amplifier and DSP card are fit onto the sub's cabinet and the system is supplied by the NL4-NL4 loudspeaker cord to wire the satellite to the sub for its feed and the adj. pole. Separate gain controls for both cabinets, 4 factory presets settings, input VU meter, RJ 45 socket for remote PC control though E.Q.U.I.P. software supplied with, a couple of XLR M & F, double Powercon sockets, allow full functionality of the system.

The front of the cabinet built in sturdy phenolic glued 15 mm baltic birch plywood is protected by an anti-resonant steel grille covered with sound-transparent foam. The external finish is in high quality scratch-resistant black paint. The top of the sub has a receptacle for mounting the support of a satellite (if used). The subwoofer and satellite enclosures have trapezoidal cabinets and the system's most unusual feature (patented) consists in the fact that the subwoofer cabinet can house the satellite inside during transport, with the precise aim of facilitating travel from place to place, as well as saving vehicle and storage space. Two practical handles in the rear panels of both enclosures ensure a positive grip during handling. The front of the subwoofer has sockets to mount an optional trolley for handling the system during transport.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 37Hz – 17kHz
(±3 dB) 47Hz – 16kHz
AVERAGE DISPERSION >5 kHz 91° x 47° (HxV)
MAX DB SPL (peak @ 1 m) 131 dB
CONNECTORS XRL -M-F; Powercon -M-F – NL4 Speakon-
RJ 45 for PC connection
Sat LF 1x12" NdFeb bass refl ex
Sat HF 1xOUT 4 compression driver
Sub 1x15" NdFeb bass refl ex
WEIGHT (NET / GROSS) 52 / 60 kg
DIMENSIONS with Sat inside the Sub
H x W x D 55 x 55 x 60 cm