• Compact powerful (139dB peak SPL@ 1 m) low and mid/low frequency unit with three 12" woofers in bass reflex configuration.
  • Very high power handling (900 W AES, 3,600 Watts peak).
  • Compatible with the SPECTRA II system.
  • Cabinet internally reinforced to ensure the utmost sturdiness, eliminating coloration due to resonance, and equipped with Outline's proprietary "Fast Hanger" system for fast reasonably priced flying.


  • Array formation or groups made up of several units combined in particular configurations such as matrix set-ups or line arrays, with the precise aim of obtaining required directivity even at low frequencies.
  • No-nonsense use wherever considerable sound energy at low and mid/low frequencies is required, for example between the subwoofer and satellite of a loudspeaker system.


Loudspeaker system for low frequencies obtained by coupling three direct radiation 12" woofers with NdFeB circuit and tuned rear chamber in a single Spectra series cabinet.

The system is compatible with the enclosures in the Spectra series as far as the dimensions and acoustics are concerned. The standard components used allow to obtain a useable bandwidth reproduced at -10dB from 45Hz to 2.5kHz, with remarkable linearity within ±3dB from 69Hz to 2.2kHz, enabling the system to be used in a wide range of applications for sound reproduction from low to mid/low frequencies The max sensitivity is 103 dB in half space and the maximum continuous AES power of 900W gives 130 dBSPL in free-field and 133 dBSPL in half-space, while peak values even reach 139 dBSPL (3,600W peak).

The front of both models is protected by an anti-resonant steel grille covered with sound-transparent foam. Dispersion is omnidirectional on the horizontal plane, while on the vertical plane there is an increase in directivity from 200Hz. The trapezoidal cabinet is built in high quality 15mm baltic plywood, strengthened by the complex internal structure and suitably positioned internal bracing to eliminate any resonance of the cabinet's sides. The black outer finish is in high quality scratch-resistant paint. The cabinet has 6 fast flying points, that makes vertical or horizontal hanging extremely easy and reliable, by using the appropriate optional accessories.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 45 Hz ÷ 2.5 kHz
(±3 dB) 69 Hz ÷ 2.3 kHz
AVERAGE DISPERSION 100 Hz ÷ 500 Hz 360° x 90° (H x V)
IMPEDANCE (Ω) Tot (min): 3Ω (2 @ 366 Hz)
MAX SENSITIVITY (dBSPL 1W 1m) 103 (Half-space)
  900 3600
MAX SPL @ 1 m (calculated) Cont. Peak
  133 139 (Half-space)
LF 3 x 12" NdFeB High pass Vented box.
WEIGHT Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
  31 kg 41 kg
DIMENSIONS Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
H x W x D 110 x 38.2 x 45 cm 118 x 45 x 52 cm