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H.A.R.D. 45 SP


  • Very low-profile (30 cm), high output (129dB SPL/1 m, full-range) self-powered monitor with four 5" woofers (LF-MF) Neodymium magnet and a (HF) compression driver with reflective folded wave guide loaded, 1.75" titanium diaphragm.
  • Built-in PWM digital amplifier + DSP with high performance (500+500 W/4 Ω)
  • Patented both on construction design and on the reflective folded wave guide
  • Very light weight (16 kg) to facilitate handling
  • Very low feedback reaction
  • Extremely linear frequency response and phase response of just ± 45° from 500Hz to 16kHz
  • Asymmetric design with dual floor or flying installation angle
  • Balanced sound emission with listening distance varying between 0 and 3 metres
  • Cabinet reinforced internally for maximum sturdiness and resonance elimination and fitted with 4 multi-purpose mounting points, which can be used to fit 4 flying rings or 4 wheels.


  • Medium-power live applications
  • No-nonsense use with live bands
  • TV studios and theatres, thanks to the "ultra-low" profile compatible with camera sightlines and set requirements
  • Near-field stage monitor.


H.A.R.D. 45 SP is a wide-range, two-way self-powered loudspeaker system with DSP, has a built-in high-powered amplifier, (LF section: 500 W @ 4 Ω; HF section: 250 W @ 8 Ω) optimised for floor stage monitoring, made up of a mid/low frequency section using four 5" woofer with NdFeB (Neodymium) circuit in "reflex" configuration and a high frequency section using a NdFeB compression driver, 1" throat and 1.75" aluminium diaphragm, loaded by a folded wave guide (S.P.R.W.G.) which applies the principles of diffraction, reflection and absorption.

This wave guide is an integral part of the cabinet and enables the control, over the entire spectrum reproduced, of the acoustic emission in a clearly defined angle on the horizontal and vertical plane, with very compact dimensions compared to its acoustic performance. This patented innovation allows to obtain a useable bandwidth reproduced from 50Hz to 15.5kHz at -10 dB, with a linearity within ±3dB from 58Hz to 15kHz. Placed on the floor and driven at max. power, the system is able to produce a max. peak of 129 dBSPL at 1 metre.

The enclosure has an asymmetric design with dual floor or flying installation angle. Built in high quality 15mm baltic birch plywood, and the external dimensions are extremely compact, particularly the height from the floor (just 30 cm), considerably reducing the visual impact when the enclosure is positioned on stage ready for use. The black outer finish is in high quality scratch-resistant waterproof black paint. The cabinet has 8 mounting points and three practical integral recessed handles on the cabinet ensuring a positive grip during handling. The front grille which protects the speakers is vibration-free painted steel mesh.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-10 dB) 50 Hz ÷ 15.5 kHz
(±3 dB) 58 Hz ÷ 15 kHz
AVERAGE DISPERSION >5 kHz 45° x 70° (H x V)
High 250 @ 8 Ω
MAX SPL @ 1 m (calculated) Peak 129
CONNECTORS Audio 1 XLR + 1 Link Out
Mains 1 PowerCon + 1 Link Out
Low 4 x 5" NdFeb High pass Vented box
High 1 x 1" Exit (1.75" diaphragm) S.P.R.W.G.
WEIGHT Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
  16 kg 18 kg
DIMENSIONS Single unit Shipping (1 unit)
H x W x D 30 x 38.5 x 43.8 cm 36 x 44 x 48 cm